Our mobile apps

Mind Map

Imagine your mobile apps without limits, making the ideal product with brainstorming and Mind Map.

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Draw your screens and define interface with user, test and evaluate with users.

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For musicians

You know the music :  a mobile app must be made for users.

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management tools

Our tools are implemented with a high care of ergonomic

awesome management tools


A management tool is a map for your flux and your workflows. This map must be fidele and precise, to garantee it will englobe your reality.

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Rigueur and professionnel

We are renowned for our products well made and well done, for vertical market  as on demand. And this for very well renowned customers.

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It is a rapid development tool, including interface and database in one product, with all latest standards. Mac and PC, monopost and clients-server.

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Electronic hardware

Our electronic boards interact with a real time embedded kernel and with management and multimedia softwares

Responsive hardware

Electronic board

Our boards run with a Hitachi SH2, and are universal enought to adapt all situations.

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We haven written our own multi-tasking embedded kernel which allows us all the dreams.

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We then interface to all devices as motor, bulb, relais...

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Come on board !

We will enjoy travelling together, and give you the product you'll enjoy.