4D component

Google Material Design colors manager


At actual time, the initial 4D color’s management is old (then boring), with a non efficient palette. Data is also stored in a strange way (minus). When discovering the google Material Design palette, I immediately understood that it was a good readable and sensitive way of managing colors.

Then the goal was to convert old databases easily from 4D to MD colors system, and have a efficient way to deal with palette’s choosers, for single and twin colors using dedicated widgets.

This component is dedicated to give you the ability to :

  • use SVG drawing for palettes
  • convert color / colors between MD / 4D.
  • convert colors from / to value and Stroke / Fill.
  • convert from RGB to R G B, and HSL.
  • utilities for randomize, and operator add.
  • different widgets for different user’s needs
  • use luxurious palettes for single or double colors, with popup or SVG.
  • deal with the transparent color.

This new component name is « ogMDpalette.4dbase ».


Palette MD


Palette 4D


 4D to MD converter setup



Documentation pdf here (1.23 MB)

HDI (How Do I) but compiled archive here (70.82 MB)


Licensing & Pricing

ogMDpalette has a very simple licensing scheme:

  • € 400 per platform (Mac or Windows)
  • € 600 if both platforms are purchased at once (Mac and Windows)

Both licenses allow unlimited deployment.



From 4D v15








• Intel® CoreDuo or higher

• Windows 7

• 4 Go RAM minimum, 8 Go recommanded

• Screen resolution : 1280 x 1024 

Mac OS 

• Intel® CoreDuo or higher

• Mac OS X 10.7.5 ("Lion") or higher

• 4 Go RAM minimum, 8 Go recommanded 

Screen resolution : 1280 x 1024