MBD / EDF / GDF Multimedia model

(NEWTON for EDF) / 1996



with educational model

This model is 3 x 2 meters and uses 2 km of optical fibers for light animation. This one follows the consultation of a multimedia terminal and comes alive according to the pages consulted. It is dedicated to representing the various roles of EDF in the production, management, distribution and consumption of electricity.

  • Multimedia software written in Director
  • Automate oxal and Nogo  multitask embedded kernel (home made)
  • control 32 hallogenic lamps, 220V and stroboscopes in real time according to multimedia navigation (chases, flashing, fixed ...)


Two models of gas stoves: rotary control, and linear

  • Simulation of fires with blue neon lights
  • Motorized oven door


Regulation control for cooking plates

  • Based on Oxal and Nogo
  • Regulation according to the norms (on cycle of 30 seconds)
  • Temperature safety