"Strong torque" engine development

By retrieving technology from cardiac prosthesis , we have developed motor-wheels with powerful characteristics
We are able to offer you the engine you need under short lead times, as well as the right production.

We also supply the control electronics, inseparable from the engine. SH HITACHI micro-controler and Nogo as a multitasking kernel, this card is easily adaptable to your specific need. But we are also able to develop cheap cards for major series.

ORFIM is a company specializing in investment and support for innovative projects in the field of high technologies. The company has thus embarked on a research project on a miniaturized high performance engine, originally intended for medical use (cardiac prosthesis).

After multiple evolutions and development, we are able to produce and develop this new engine with powerful characteristics (reduced space, reliability and durability, silence, very precise control, high torque, reasonable cost and consumption, flexibility and multiplicity possibilities of use).
The main feature is a very high torque / space ratio, which makes it possible to directly board this motor inside a wheel. Other aspects are interesting, including: silence (no gears), the possibility of making an alternator, very precise control and control possibilities (electronics) and the very low wear of the device.
In summary, you have an application with a motor followed by a reducer by 10: we replace the motor + gearbox unit by our motor, without loss of efficiency and in the same size!

This project demonstrates that by seizing advanced technologies, we can discover new fields of application, new forms and new uses by working precisely on the particularism of this technology.