Embedded real-time kernel for our proprietary automata

Equivalent to a "Warrior Code" for our "real time embedded kernel" - author Olivier Grimbert - which turns on the HITACHI SH and our electronics cards developed internally. Colorization of the code, automatic indentation, compilation, debug ... all in 4D and 4D Write! Contactez-nous.

This real-time kernel is designed on the principle of the Forth language, but is far from it now, by its remote development tool, all the real time management, and the 32-bit aluminum. Its implementation on a RISC μ-processor, the SH, makes it a very fast language. Our last target is on the Elyn map.

  • 32 bits address space
  • 32 bits for maths and logics
  • Parameter passing through a stack
  • reverse polish notation
  • multitasking, real time clock 1 mS
  • interrupts management by language
  • interrupted serial ports, Xon / Xoff
  • integrated one pass compiler on board
  • pseudo-code decompiler
  • SH assembler / disassembler
  • debugging, trace, step ...
  • integration of external routines
  • S1S9 integration in the code
  • video treatments
  • development tool for Mac or PC
  • integrated language documentation



  • 1000000 0 do loop => 2 µS per loop
  • nop => 0,4 µS
  • call => 1 µS
  • 4 5 + drop => 2 µS so 0,5 µS / instruction

Followed by "ledv_tsk dsu" to launch task ledv_tsk


Caméra QuickCam, direct DMA access, keyboard, graphics, stepper motors, LCD, loader S1S9, generic recursive menus manager, MIDI, modem, clock, and so one.
Autonomous applications génération : the program is compiled in a cmos ram saved by lithium battery (10 years).
The development tool is written in 4d, manages sources and projects, includes online help and automatically colorizes the syntax.

Here the project window with the input area, and the list of sources.