4D component



The ogTools component is designed in an extremely regular and generic way. In this sense, most methods can be used for all widgets and pickers : getters, setters are the same.

With ogTools, you will manage:

• IO : dialog, confirm, three buttons, notification, progress.

• Colors : with 4D and MD (material design) spaces, for single and twin colors. Hudge set of methods for managing colors.

• Pickers and widgets : for colors, io, day(s), date(s), time(s), period, year, year month, year week, search(s), rotators...

• Records : to allow easy implementation of filter for lists, with single or multiple choice

• Window : to manage positioning of windows in screen (where space are available).

• json : a pannel to edit all properties of ogTools pickers and widgets



The use of objects allows the use of plenty parameters for widgets, pickers and managers.

  • Widget: the basic flat graphical module, and the last end point. Example a calendar.
  • Picker: an object which will open a form with a widget for modification. Example a date picker.
  • Manager : some functionalities without ant interface. Example window manager.


In addition we introduce the notion, like in java, of « overload » which provides a very powerful way to change the parameters. This object given technology by 4D makes possible to design a totally generic component, with no to use of any process variable, for a benefice in memory.


  • Each widget and picker has a general interprocess parameter object. This interprocess object is of course modifiable, either directly or by overload.
  • Each created instance copies and works with a new duplicate set of settings.
  • The instance object is obviously modifiable to have as instances as different behaviors.
  • It is possible to send a partial object to the instance, and by the « overload » mechanism, the settings will only be updated with the partial object sent, others remained unchanged.



The widgets and pickers are all drawable in the form according to your wishes. The content will be fully resized to the area you have chosen for your instance.

  • Choice of size according to your needs
  • Multi-instance









Records select 






Dates, Period 





Download our documentations and the 4D HDI (How Do I)  folder here


Licensing & Pricing

ogTools has a very simple licensing scheme:

  • € 400 per platform (Mac or Windows)
  • € 600 if both platforms are purchased at once (Mac and Windows)

Both licenses allow unlimited deployment for compiled version (monoposte or server engine).


Best used associated with proTools - 4D buttons, icons and buttons generator 

From 4D v16










• Intel® CoreDuo or higher

• Windows 7

• 4 Go RAM minimum, 8 Go recommanded

• Screen resolution : 1280 x 1024 

Mac OS 

• Intel® CoreDuo or higher

• Mac OS X 10.7.5 ("Lion") or higher

• 4 Go RAM minimum, 8 Go recommanded 

Screen resolution : 1280 x 1024