Tools for 4D buttons & android texts




Tired using photoshop for each button, one by one, then update folders by hand ?


Use Oviyam and create projects, attach paths to your 4D applications resources folders, import your project’s buttons, create banks of buttons based on icons and a set of parameters, and… use our buttons generator engine.


Finally update one or all of your resources folders in one click !


You can have projects for generic buttons and for specific buttons to each database. You prepare different projects for your buttons and you test them in a snap. Really astonishing!



You will be able to easily manage:


  • a repository for all your picts, icons, images, in one place

  • banks to create and store sets of “4 states” buttons (in 4D format)

  • links and update all your 4D database products in one click.

  • a repository of styled texts, like “about” and “releases” notes, and convert them in a android compatible tagged text for android xml files, and Play Store



Oviyam is provided filled with material design icons set from google, and use material design color palette. Coming soon : create icons, buttons, toggles, for android.






  • Images table with all the icon models you need, shipped populated with more than 70,000 icons from google material design

  • Import images from a folder functionality

  • Display on pattern, white, black background

  • Dedicated search


L images



  • projects table with linked texts, paths and banks tables

  • paths to your 4D database resources folders

  • banks of icons with sub path on resources folder

  • import 4D resources folder structure and existing png to create in proTools the buttons model.

  • update and manage all the png used in your project, with 4 states generator (background and/or brightness, clic offset). You define common background, then images, and the 4 states buttons are generated.

  • export 1 or N to 1 or N, means bank(s) to path(s) in a click !







For example, in that screen, if you do not select anything, all banks will be uploaded to all paths. If you select one bank and one path, only that bank will go on that path. Very usefull for all your generic buttons stuff.





This is the main screen you can parameter all 4 states buttons datas.

  • buttons generator with

    • buttons size

    • background (none, ellipse, bounded rectangle, border, size in percent)

      • for each default, click, over, disabled - color fill and stroke

    • image (size in percent, grey for disabled, offset image on click)

      • for each default, click, over, disabled - brightness

    • all parameters saved on the record

  • generate button images for the one selected or all

  • upload one or all buttons of the bank to 4D resources folder

  • use of google material design palette


Buttons generator engine:







With “is specific bkg” checkbox you can override Bank’s parameters for that specific button colors.







Material design colors palette

Color widget chooser:



Within a pannel:




Texts tool

With Oviyam, you will create as many text files you need for your android project, keeping them in the same place. Then, a convertor is included to generate the tagged text for the xml file format, and for the Play Store.


F text


The main useful functionality of that screen is to store texts for sure, but to convert styled text to android tagged text (on the right).





For 1 month demo, just install proTools and ask for a temporary licence within the product.

Then, the complete version is at 649 € HT with minor updates for free, and major updates at 30% of the initial price.

There is an annual assistance, and you get free ticket assistance, and all updates for free, minor and major.

Oviyam is localized in English and in French, and for Mac OS and Windows.


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• Intel® CoreDuo or higher

• Windows 7

• 4 Go RAM minimum, 8 Go recommanded

• Screen resolution : 1280 x 1024 

Mac OS 

• Intel® CoreDuo or higher

• Mac OS X 10.7.5 ("Lion") or higher

• 4 Go RAM minimum, 8 Go recommanded 

Screen resolution : 1280 x 1024