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What is astroMuse?

AstroMuse is an ephemeris calculator, an astral theme display, and above all a keyboard for playing on demand and a pendulum for playing at intervals a music composed according to the astral positions. This musical composition is set with a scale, a temperament, and a tâlam.

Musicians: to learn ranges and temperaments. To hear compositions and to be inspired by musical fragments. You can also play on the screen by launching fragments for each planet on touch.
Astrologers: calculate the current theme or at a specific date-time-place, and play the specific corresponding music.
Clock: a music every hour, and its fragments every 5 - 10 - 15 - 20 - 30 minutes. A night / day mode allows you to use it as an alarm clock, with music always different.


Scales are very powerful to give an atmosphere, an emotion to a piece. They are more than 1000 scales in 55 groups.

Temperaments give a very strong color to a range, making certain intervals very consonant, while others will be strongly discordant. Equal temperament is a turning point for playing ensemble music, where all subtle differences are rubbed out.

Tâlams (Indian rhythms) are exciting, and are a perfect outcome of game patterns. AstroMuse manages the tâlams (7) and the djathi (5 useful, among 9). Use "ega" to find yourself in known terrain (simple measure).âla

Many original, beautiful, captivating presets (> 45) are provided. Each preset will be more appropriate to a given situation.

Live wallpaper
You can have astroMuse as a live wallpaper from your favorite launcher. A setting in general preset allows you to tell the surface how to react to your touch : nothing, visual only, visual and music. Total immersion guaranteed !

PREMIUM version
Like astroMuse and buy the full version that removes the ads and support future developments.

This application is designed and developed by Olivier Grimbert @
FM synthetizer by Jean-Marc Desprez @
Astral positions library @ astrolib.
Artworks by Seerundoss-Appiah Poobanee @ / Jean Radel - The look of James @

All rights reserved.

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