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What iCrabe
All the world usually used musical scales in the palm of your hand? This is possible thanks to iCrabe with over 1000 scales referenced in 55 different groups. You will travel to China, Japan, India (411 ragas), Eskimo… but also with the classical composers such as Liszt, Messiaen, Prokofiev...
The selected scale is then proposed in a unique displays as polygon and instrument representations, and to listening with his play mode « crab » to let you become familiar with that scale.


• musical scale groups, 55 differents.
• musical scales associated to groups, more than 1000.
• display intervals and absolute scale.
• absolute scale type notes representation.


• display scale in a polygon, score, piano, accordeon, dualo™, violin, guitare.
• dial notation in hours, minutes, intervals, symbols, SaRiGa, tamil, hindi, astrology, DoRéMi, CDE.
• highlight of played scale. Animation with a moving dot.
• choice for colors.
• dynamic colorisation for intervals.
• vertical swipe to navigate inside groups.
• horizontal swipe to navigate inside scales of one group.
• touch to play.


• start octave and note, number of octave for playing.
• crab step and number of steps.
• General Midi instrument.
• Different intonations: equal, natural, Pythagorean, mesotonic, Indian, Arabic Rast, and more!
• tempo in bpm (beats per minute).
• output volume.
• export MIDI file, and launch with a compatible app (ideally with MidiSheetMusic, free).

Trial mode limitation
• You can see and play only the first four scales within each group.

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This application is designed and developed by Olivier Grimbert @ http://www.protee.org. All rights reserved.

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