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A metronome, still, but with exclusive features, which enjoy you, professional musician as an amateur, student or child artist seed!

From always back in time, our metronomes are distinguished by the completely real time Tap exclusive mode. As a brave musician in front of his conductor, TapShake listen on you tap the screen, till the end of your tempo, and continue on the fly. Try it and love it!

Tap to the beat is ok, but now shake your device as well! Using a phone, the gesture is so natural!

We provide a full set of original, beautiful, captivating display modes (20) as pendulum, rocker, fibonacci, polygons, but also for children Batman and Star Wars ... Each display will be more suited to a given situation.

A metronome needs sounds and we provide more than a hundred regrouped as metronomes, instruments, drums, vocals, bells and gongs, Batman and Star Wars.

• tempo from 8 to 208. Indication and setup by italian movement name.
• beats per measure from 1 to 8. Sub-times of 1 (none) to 4.
• sounds for strong, light and sub-time.
• separate volumes for strong, light and sub-time.
• vibrate activate, time value of the vibration.
• Real-time management of the entry of tempo Tap and Shake.
• ability to give measure during Tap or Shake, depending on number of taps (number of beats in a measure + 1).
• Input the tempo with swipe, through movement popup.
• Quick access for basic settings.

• choice of display type among 20 rules.
• 6 colors settings used by the display types.
• color for beats fix, on beats, or progressive.
• Choosing a plain background with an image among those provided, or one in your device.
• Background mode clipped in a rounded square or a circle.
• adjustment calculation accuracy for battery saving.
• option to keep screen alive when the metronome plays.
• swipes to set the preset, and adjust the measure and the tempo.

• 30 presets available, with user labels.
• reinitialize to one of the 30 factory settings
• Copy and paste a preset
• exchange the current preset with one of the others.

• sine wave output of "A" from 415 to 466, or ± 100 cents.
• set in Cents or in Hertz.

Demo mode
Only the first preset is fully configurable, the following 29 can only be loaded and used to check them. Like tapShake, buy the full version and support future developments.

This application is designed and developed by Olivier Grimbert @ http://www.protee.org. Artworks by Seerundoss-Appiah Poobanee @ http://www.poobanee.com | John Radel - The look of James @ http://leregard2james.canalblog.com.All rights reserved.
Special thanks to Felipe Canales for his support and his high rigour as a musician @ http://poolz.free.fr.



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