Product designer

Duality «Art-Sciences» : life is structure, art and spirituality - Conciliate, associate these opposits and areas together - creativity, originality, flexibility, precision, versatility 


Our prestations are at that convergence.

Grimbert Olivier was born in a musical cultural field from his father a orchestra conductor, being a musician himself - opera singer, piano, organ. He participated in the creation of the world of personal computing since its inception: creating OS, languages​​, microcomputers, products and machines. He then devoted his activity "product designer" which led him to design many electronic and computer products with a great reputation for its concern ergonomics of use, safety and creativity. Its catalog includes more than thirty products, including management tools such as CONCERTo, Mahal, Eko Fyo, Orem, periArt. He works regularly with Les Ateliers and VIA to products for young designer talents. He taught ergonomics at this same ENSCI (1984-2007).


We will never be simple performers, but interlocutor so that your projects are of the highest quality possible: to our intelligence and creativity at your disposal, so that in the end, you and we are winners.

Protée sarl is the production tool of Grimbert Olivier, who is the creator and CTO. His professional and creative journey makes this company present in a variety of industries, to satisfy demanding and often prestigious clients.


  • Outsource : very good understanding of South India and its culture, and how to work there. Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad are the most important cities in IT.
  • Consulting: Agile Scrum, Mind mapping, Mockups, Test Driven Development, Unit Test, User Interface Inception and conception.
  • Design produit : teacher during 25 years for ergonomics at ENSCI. User interface, functionnal ergonomic, use scenari...
  • Multimedia: web site in Joomla!, inDesign, PAO, documentation, packaging, localisation
  • Management tools: Expert in management tools and databases. Analyse and conception, specific or vertical solutions business. Databases in 4D.
  • Software: most of the languages. Author of a multitasks kernel «Nogo» (embedded software) for the Hitachi SH.
  • Electronic: project delivery «turnkey», often with the use of Nogo, technical, hardware, software, prototypes, production and series.
  • Music: Piano and theory teacher - Awakening music for small - high skills in theory.