The company, initially GOEL in 1984, and Protée founded in 1996, is equipping many sites distributed throughout France. His expertise in management tools, its seriousness, its availability, and expertise are welcomed by clients.
We offer you 20 years of experience in the areas of databases in the cultural sector, public relations, and the performing arts in a full range of native software MAC and PC. Our diversified range is suitable for business solutions for live entertainment venues, conservatories and schools of music and dance with "CONCERTo", the entertainers with "Mahal", orchestras "Orem" and "periArt", the federations as "Fyo" for the "federation of yoga in Paris".


knowledgeBusiness knowledge – We understand the business of management, customer relationship and access control, production and management. We are able to respond in a very professional manner to the wide range of customer needs. With us, you have many years of experience and know-how in these very specific areas.

humanProven Solutions – We offer solutions that adapt to customer needs. These solutions are now modular and adaptable. Different areas addressed have enriched palettes features and develop technically effective solutions. We continue this process of improvement in order to provide the best service to our customers.

resultsTechnical know-how – the development of an advanced solution requires a partner who is able to provide not only technical know-how, but also the experience of systems integration and implementation of IT projects.