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What is iChime?
The combination of a clock with fun displays, a chime which sounds the hours and minutes, and an alarm with its own unique night and day modes.

Consideration of the clock raises plenty of questions: why 12 dots and not 24, why 2 turns for one day, why 60 minutes per hour and 60 seconds per minute? These questions have led us to offer different views that are fun and educational.

A chime, like the churches and clocks of yesteryear, sounds the time for us to hear. Here, in addition to the usual knock play mode, we offer an exclusive tonal clock that links the 12 dots of the watch dial with the 12 semitones of a musical scale. Hearing “sound time” is shorter, softer, and much more fun! Even better, you’ll train your ear to the musical intervals! For example, “C – D and C – F #? That’s the 2nd and tritone, meaning it’s 2:30!”, or “Major third equals 4am and a tritone equals 3:30”. You can also run without a net using perfect pitch mode, which means using “sound time” without a reference (“Ah ha! D and F #, it is 2:30”).

Fighting the alarm is a losing battle, a love-hate relationship: it must not jolt or jar us, but it must wake us up. We need it, but we throw it against the wall every morning!
With iChime, everything goes smoothly, because it is not an alarm clock but a gentle chime! With two volume settings, one for night and one for day, iChime turns down – or even cuts – the sound at a specific time, and reboots in the morning at the desired time. Its presence is non-aggressive, issuing just a single “time sound”, after which it continues normal function at the intervals you have chosen (5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, etc.).
A delight to stay in bed, waiting for the moment, really… it’s time!

iChime will be perfect for who wants to know time without seeing a clock, as yoga and music teacher, conferences, meetings…


• iWatch, Circle, Astral, Bar Graph, Musical, Pedagogic, Gravity views, and more to come.
• Your choice of colors and transparencies for the 8 clock elements.
• Widget for your home screen, optimized for very low power consumption (one-minute refresh).
• Display the sound intervals played.


• Choose the chime interval you desire: 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 minutes or one hour.
• Sound output mode: beat on the hours and minutes
• Chime options:
• Synchronize the number of beats with the chime interval.
• Repeat the hours on peak hours only.
• Exclusive music output intervals mode: the 12 points of a clock are 12 semitones in an octave.
• Relative pitch (C reference) and perfect pitch (no reference) modes.
• mode per scale (in sequence) or per chord.
• Different intonations: equal, natural, Pythagorean, mesotonic, Indian, Arabic Rast, and more!
• Choose from a vast library of sounds for the hours and minutes.


• Two time indications, one for sleep and one for wake up, determine day and night ranges.
• One volume for day and one volume for night.
• Your wake up is smooth, and you can put off going to bed knowing what time it is and wait till the last minute!

Mode Demo
Only the first preset is fully configurable, the following can only be used, absent limiting the PREMIUM version: Buy the full version and support future developments.

This application is designed and developed by Olivier Grimbert @ http://www.protee.org. All rights reserved.
Artworks by Seerundoss-Appiah Poobanee @ http://www.poobanee.com | John Radel - The look of James @ http://leregard2james.canalblog.com.

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