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What rockClock 'n' roll?
The combination of a clock with fun displays, a chime which counting up riffs guitarists need to guess, and an alarm clock by her night and day mode.

The 12 dots of the dial clock are associated with 12 famous riff rockers of yesteryear. You still have to guess the time thanks to the Riff, but also to guess the song in question to your surroundings ...

A chime, sounds the time for us to hear at a regular interval.

The alarm is a gentle chime! With two volume settings, one for night and one for day, rockClock turns down – or even cuts – the sound at a specific time, and reboots in the morning at the desired time. A delight to stay in bed, waiting for the moment, really… it’s time!

You will not go unnoticed with rockClock. In a shop or visiting friends, the hour sounds and the person next to you looks over, catches your eye…


• rock ‘n’ roll.
• color and transparency selectors.
• widget for home screen.
• display about played riff (group and music).


• choice for repetition per 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 minutes and per hour.
• option for playing hours only on plain hours.
• more sound banks coming soon.


• Two time indications, one for sleep and one for wake up, determine day and night ranges.
• One volume for day and one volume for night.
• Your wake up is smooth, and you can put off going to bed knowing what time it is and wait till the last minute!

Features reduced after 14-day free trial period:
• Reduced choice of sounds banks.
• Nighttime volume is the same as daytime volume.

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This application was designed and developed by Olivier Grimbert Protée Sarl. All rights reserved.

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