VIA (Valorisation of Inovation in Ameublement), 2000-2004



"Embedded harware" for designer projects

VIA organizes an exhibition each year to promote innovation in furniture. On this occasion, Protée is regularly asked to provide service or "embedded hardware".

Zephyr, Mostapha Oulhani & Charlotte Delomier / 2006

A flapping fan. Like a slave, he sells you with a force adjustable in intensity and speed. Technical realization of the project using the know-how of our Morke & nbsp; engines originally developed for Oxon and cardiac prostheses.

Presented here at the Milan Motor Show from April 3 to 7, 2006.


LEDs lamp, Alexandre Tonneau / 2004

A very beautiful LED lamp where the technique is shown, 98 leds. Technical support and project support.

Lampe verticale, FX Balléry / 2004

With this lamp, the light intensity varies according to the vertical positioning along the axis.
Electronics and software, MC68HC11.

Fauteuil Relax, Bernard Moïse / 2004

Electronics and software to move four motor axes on a chair relax ultra thin (3 cm).
LCD display, joystick, engine interfaces, based on oxal and nogo.

Luminous umbrella / 2004
Umbrella for the safety of its user. The color of the LEDS is white: it allows to be truly distinguished in all the light networks of the city. Opening on the side (to distinguish from the ignition function) by a horizontal push button. The LEDs are switched on at the front of the handle with a vertical touch switch. The upward pressure turns the lights on or off. Press down to select the flashing cycle of the lights. A luminous ring located above the grip gives the pedestrian the assurance of a good luminous functioning.
It is important that the lights on the periphery do not blind or annoy the user: they are not visible from the inside. On the other hand the user must still perceive the rhythm of these lights.
Clock, Inga Sempé / 2000
Electronic design: Electro-mecanico clock !